Welcome Dr. Hogue!

Ruthe B. Cowl Rehabilitation Center is happy to welcome yet another Orthopedic Specialist, Dr. Grant D. Hogue, from UTHSCSA (third from left), Dr. Hogue will now be one of the three specialists that rotate on a monthly basis, to consult our pediatric patients.

Dr. Kevin Christiansen, Intern at UTHSC (second from left) accompanied and assisted Dr. Hogue during our November monthly outreach free clinic. Standing 1st from left, Pete Bernal (from Prescott’s Prosthetics), Jackie Rodriguez, Director, Norma Rangel, Program Manager and Sylvia Ramos Special Projects Coordinator (RBC Staff).

The Center sponsors monthly diagnostic clinics in Pediatric/Orthopedic with specialists from the UT Health Science Center San Antonio. Onsite x-ray services are available on the days of the clinics. Clinics are FREE to the publicwith a $5.00 processing fee. For more information on these services, please contact Ms. Norma Rangel at (956) 722-2431.